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If you liked Angry Birds, adore Angry Birds Rio, a new installment of the game that looks like Angry Birds in Brazil.

Help the birds escape

Rio’s roots are exactly the same as in the original game, except for the time of Angry Birds to rescue their poor brothers who were captured, imprisoned and taken to Rio de Janeiro. Your task is to help the bird escape the bombing of the cage and tear all the obstacles in the levels, including the soft – but the marmoset!

Similarbut different

The bad bird of Rio is very similar to the original one, but as we have seen, it is only because it is a simple idea, it does not make it less addicted. If you liked the first, you would like to have a tropical flavor and bright colors from Angry Birds Rio and, at the same time, famous. The game means that you will shoot birds and destroy the cages before you know it.

Carnival style

The furious birds of Rio bring a dose of color and interest in the game that we already knew we loved.

In Angry Birds for Windows, you areon the side of fat birds, fights with a horde of green pigs. This game is also available on Android and iOS.

The robbers stole the birds, well, their eggs.

Kamikaze birds looking for revenge

Birds are not really happy. In the real furious one, they are retaliated as kamikaze warriors with vengeance. Intotum is 120 levels of the game: lots of time to shoot angry birds among green pigs.

driving the mouse

In angry birds, use tadomahs to determine the angle of the flight and try to hit it directlyto the enemy, or you can get the claims of the pigs that are hung. If possible, you want to reach the maximum number of pigs with the minimum number of birds, so how quickly you will pass the levels.

Funny cartoon graphics

As always, the animated style in Angry Birds is simple but very well designed and full of ghost details. There are the same old sound effects – Sometimes it can be a little boring.

Conclusion: a simple concept, a factor of high dependence

The birdsAnger has a simple but reliable puzzle with beautiful graphics and a small story of hair for Windows computers. Gamethat is a very popular game on Android and iOS, which is also very addictive. The Windows version. There are other games with anger, such as Angry Birds Rio or Angry Birds Spaceif looking for endless fun!


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