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Audacity allows you to edit all popular audio file formats for free.

Free music instruments and sound music sound effects in individual groups and mixing things like music bands and podcasts.

professional functions

Audacity has many professional editing and recording features. You can create live songs and cut. The results are stored as one of the many compatible sound formats. In addition, Audacity has sound equipment with non-effects, equalityand frequency frequency on board. If necessary, you can also expand Audacity with free supplies from the manufacturer’s website.

Configures within reach of your fingers

The user configures each location in the Audacity UI. Cutting, copying and finishing orders allow you to interact with your own songs. You can also connect Audacity to the microphone to add your own voice tracks.

Audacity is the movement of a piece of music from horizontal time. In an emergency, everything can be canceledand it can be useful.

Audacity does not track the level of some of the professional paid design programs. The interface seems sober, sometimes even a bit of stress. In our test, the application has also dropped several times.

Conclusion: Free audio editor

Audacity will allow you to mix your tracks in no time. With the convenient set of tools and effects, you can get audio quality for small productions. Remember that it takes a little bit to train and patienceto get the best out of the instrument. You will find more information about this software on the Audacity website and if you want to download another, you want to try the WavePad audio audio software or editor Nero Wave.