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Windows CCleaner computers (including Windows 10) – utility that detects and eliminates unnecessary files and errors. With some clicks from CCleaner it helps to restore hard disk and make your computer faster and more efficient.

Comprehensive optimization

Cleaning – it’s a main function. It detects Windows unnecessary files and programs, that you set for quick skanuvannyaTse help for you to easily and effectively dispose of it.

To check the accuracy of the registry CCleaner registryWindows, file installation. CCleaner checked over a dozen types of mistakes and lets you save a cabinet before repairing.

The CCleaner toolbar has more detailed utilities, such as protesting Quickly when you start Windows and as a recovery point manager.

Classic interface

In order to clear the files, click on the Scan button and let CCleaner know how much crustacean is Click Run, and your disk will be cleared immediately.

A CCleaner scanner can be configured to come fromFind what you need and set it up. This process includes control panels, you can work continuously.

The Registry Cleaner works in a similar way, and also shows the types of errors it finds. The information is very technical, but if something is wrong, CCleaner proposes to restore the previous security .

Other tools are very common, but they do not provide much information. Although, basically, minimalismThis is appreciated, especially when comparedwith other interfaces of machine washers.

Depending on your own situation

The presence of CCleaner and its effectiveness depends on your needs. Confidentiality is very powerful, but scanning is not faster.

Registry cleaning helps only in minor cases, as well as in the latest versions of Windows. Accessibility is limited.

Moving equipment is key, but they work well, although they can sometimes find incorrectly deleted data and records incorrectly.

InThis category, like cleaners, to find a sincere and effective program, CCleaner stands out for simplicity and efficiency.