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FIFA 12 is the last show of the epic saga of EA football. The annex to update the game with the latest data and command the game, FIFA 12 is a stunning new features.

In recent years, FIFA series has become a worthy opponent Pro EvolutionSoccer, and in fact many would argue,that FIFA 12 is a complete football experience with PES 2012.

What’s new in FIFA 12?

Depending on the success of last year, FIFA 12 has introduced three major events: the precision dribbling, tactical and pagtatanggolisang engine toy. All this, and especially the last three, has a great influence on the game.

thatthat is to say?

Impulse engine, perhaps the biggest impact on the game and really changes the dynamics of resistance and interaction with the game. engineAng FIFA 12, the momentum seems to be competing in the competition and feel more realistic and getanesumnenna, will lead to greater damage to the player! ifTwo players play the ball in the air in FIFA 12, they are not always completely perfect, but it may fall, depending on the contact with the other players.

DefenseSa never cleaned and no longer possible to keep the pressure on the button and the nearest defender is expected to pinch the ball off the striker. In fact, to makeit seriously and FIFA 12 can change challenges and dazvalyaegultsy. Time is a new system of tactical defense and habangNakakalito, he was ultimately more useful, when you start doing.

When immersed in FIFA 12, you feel more than in the previous version. Bypassing defensive playersmore pleasant, and it seems easier to pull tricks.

Magkanoang final FIFA 12?

In fact. As always, FIFA 12 is fully licensed, so you can play with vashymlyubimyya players and clubs and the game will keep track of the summer and winter transfer windows, so that it will show the team theircolleagues in real life.

Graphicsay achieved gradual improvement, and the animation is better than in the game last year. The full version of FIFA 12 will also have a great online, with big social elements. Support table club exists that allows your favorite shovVash koponanupang contributioncommon position of the community. EA promises that FIFA 12 will be fresh in the news, in the real world.

What’s in the demo?

The demo version of FIFA 12 gives you access to Manchester City, Milan, Olympic Marseille, Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal and Barcelona. Options are somewhat limited, and settings such as the selection of the ball, timeand the floor is not included in this demonstration. Lost all other aspektygulnya, so play only one game in practice, but it still provides a good overview of FIFA 12.

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FIFA 12 was an incredible experience in football,who plays in a real game of football on your computer.