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Computer users will often be surprised by the lack of certain tools in Windows. One of the missing tools is the ability to capture screen activity, for example, to view or print. You can save the screen, but there are no write functionsthe video. This is such a niche, which developers are trying to fill out the software by creating useful programs for performing various small tasks.
Such a program Free Screen Recorder is free, as shown in its name and light on the tool.

Perfect for presentations

Freescreen recorder is an unprecedented CD burner for Windows that lets you capture something that happens on your screen. The best use of this is to create manuals and presentations for which this software is better.

This program captures the on-screen speakers and sound you can recordvia your microphone above, perfectly suited for giving instructions. It will be useful for the player to record the game during a conversation.

There are some modified features that give you flexibility in this software, such as the ability to shoot a full screen or justone window (ideal when multiple tasks are required). You can also select how to capture a camera You can capture images from the screen during recording and output in various quality formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and H264.

Type the “Click” button.

From the point of view ofconvenienceThe use of Free Screen Recorder is great for free software. While capturing is not always perfect, there are plenty of setting settings and very easy to use.

Taking into account the simple floating box with the selection box and the drop-down menu for options as the source of the camera.Though it’s not that nice, it’s very fast and easy. There are several small touches to make life easier and add functionality, such as the ability to add text and watermarks to your shots. This is especially important for those who want to record video tutorials or presentations.Adding can lead to pain.

Theta can also add shortcuts to start, stop, and stop the entry, which is very useful if you do not want to change windows or look for a click button. For those who want to see the mouse, clicking on the mouse affectson visual effects and sounds that make it easy to cover your presentation.

What you see is what you get!

A free-screen recorder just does what he claims to do this is not a debate. No cost, you can download this small program for severalseconds to have access to a single button that opens many settings.

You can record a game, make a presentation, or simply play with the visual capabilities of a computer. Those looking for more professional tools can be frustrated, but the free is greata place to start them.