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Iphone Browser to view files and IPod Touch pictures on a Windows computer.

Your mobile device is full IOS, where you can use it as an external hard drive. But it can be a little difficult if you do not have the right equipment. Here iPhoneBrowser comes into play.

Browser Windows Windows-based andprovides an easy way, your phone hochzuladendurch drag. Users can also choose whether or not their phone or avtamatychnazapovnits file or manually, and you want to display text and image files in the preview window.

Iphone browser should appear immediatelyafter you connect your iPhone to your computer. As with other file managers like Total Commander or Chief iPhoneBrower Windows also has a user interface with two windows, with the list of folders on the left, and the fact that you are suffering in the upper right corner. Jada program also has a previewon the lower side. A simple right-click dazvalyaeubachyts all options, including Save As, backup files, replacing files and deleting files.

The only real disappointment that can get some user with iPhoneBrowser is, if the program does not start,after the iPhone connection. In this case, you should look at the program files after iPhoneBrowser, that may be a little tired, when it occurs more than once.

Iphone browser is an easy way to delete files on the IOS device.