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MacOS High Sierra for VMware on SadeemPC

MacOS High Sierra brings new technologies, new features and enhances your Mac. New technologies underlying the system, make your Mac more reliable, capable and sensitive, and lay the foundation for future innovations. MacOS of the high saw also improves the functions that you use every day.
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Your MacOS at the highest level yet.

VMware Unlock for all versions of VMware – VMware version 10 and below or VMware version 11 and above


System Requirements:

0 Download VMware Unlock (requested)

1. Intel that supports hardwarevirtualization

2.Ad 1 GB of RAM (2 GB or more)

3. WinRAR program, 7-Zip is analogous

4. VMware Workstation or VMware Player current version (it can work with previous versions of the program). Description: VMware virtual machine MacOS has been installed. Before beginning to work with the machine, abavyazkovavykarystovvaytse as Administrator resolution screen VMware Unlocker.neobhodimoe should be adjusted automaticallydepending on the configuration of the computer that is running the virtual machine. Other parameters (number of CPU cores, memory and so on. D.) should be vybranyuSecond your device.

Before starting we will check equipment compatibility with this program.


Administrator Administrators Password: 123 To start the machine, the processor must offer support for virtualization and virtualization, and deactivated, enable them by destroying them. rekamenduetstsavykarystovvatsVMware Playerto reduce the brake. Warning! For a correct and complete set of your machine using the VMware Workstation program, do not pay attention to VMware Player! This image is designed to work with version 14 of the VMware Workstation. Attention Application for OS X, which requires accelerated-3D (OpenGL), is not possible due to lack of necessary drivers. A video player that plays videos in this assembly, – Movist, in others – only they are without the image. As a switch (Command) distribution switchof keyboard (Windows) is set to + space (space). If you have errors, prachytaytseinfarmatsyyu under the spoiler. Errosatopar when using X on VMware Workstation. The IMessage Introduction Guide can be found here ()

installation method

1. Install VMware Workstation 14, or VMware Player.
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Unscrew MacOS High Sierra by

2. Apply the patch as the administrator of VMware Unlock files (see Tablet line header of the subject)

3. Open the file MacOS altacherezFayl-Open

4. Set up avirtual machine for your computer.

5. Let’s start

Set the resolution of the screen

1. In the settings of the virtual machine, set the “Automatically Detect” or assign manually patrabavad and save it.

2. Run Mac OS. In the “Monitoring Settings System Settings” the desired resolution.

3. In place of step 2, you can select the item that is most suitable for the monitor in “System Settings”

Connection USB devices

1. Download raspakuytsearhiv

Addedthe file


Man in the System / Library / Extensions / folder. then, using the kext utility, you must restore the rights to the “extensions” of the folder.

2. In the configuration of the virtual machine in the USB-Controller section, you must define compatibility with USB


3. Autodesk Revit 2017 Next, the device pasprabuytsepadklyuchyts

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MacOSInformation High Sierra:

Year: 2017

Version: (17A365)

Developer: Apple Inc.

Web developers: Apple Inc.

Platform:Intel activated (can be run on CPUs) for AMD there are instructions for the FX series

Language: multilingual

PAROLAdministratary: 123