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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus September 2017 (x86 / x64) + Activator

Microsoft Office 2016 is a complete solution, cross-platform for multiple devices in today’s workplace, as well as tools for smart people, groups and companies. It can open programs and documentsanywhere on multiple devices. Download the program to establish that you know and trust: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access. zoteJe day, the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and granted access to the ideas, but works best with a keyboard, a stylus or touch screen.Microsoft Office 2016 will offer a new security, preservation and deployment, provides large organizations are more sensitive data transmission and greater management flexibility.


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The new version of Word, Microsoft Word to create the advanced features of the document. Word gives you more options for working with documents. Include online video, open the PDF by editing content associatedimages and michorohuwa very easily. A new way to read easily and does not propose to your attention, and works well on tablets. Vilivyoboresha function integration: Integration with avtamatychnaypa reserves and surf the web easily, especially spots and details.

Microsoft Excel – is a powerful tool that allowscompanies to make informed decisions based on analysis of existing data using juuna work tools. The first is a new kind of Excel. He retained the unnecessary information, but also designed for Pro quick results. He added a lot of features that will help you to run largequantity to question the impact of these photos, and as a result rashennyalepsh all.

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software is powerful, including changes in the upper part, upper part, animations, sound and images, even in the definition juu.Microsoft PowerPoint has at leastthe appropriate interface for touch screen tablets and phones. State speaker is set automatically in accordance with the criteria of the project, and can be used even on a single monitor. Topics currently have several options that allow you to designand after connecting, you can add a comment to pytannyahtsi comments.

for Microsoft Outlook e-mail client and an enhanced set of new tools, support for multi-service network and social mitandaomitandao. When you open Outlook, you will see a new look. Now it is shorter, so thatyou can focus on the main e-mail, calendar and contacts.

Microsoft Publisher is an easy to use tool for creating and building a professional technical and printing equipment, printing and postage costs. User Kilichoimarishwa Optimizer, editingimages, Microsoft navigatsyi.Vydavetstva document proposes a new way of working with images that include moving, changing and adding pop to see the entry of new effects and text.

Microsoft Access – an improved version of the database to a more effective integration of business logic (BDC), business datacatalogu, 25 quality templates. Application of Network Access is a new software dhamana.Unaunda Access software, and then use and publish software for SharePoint software to divide it into bravzeryvash. To create your Web application only need to select the type of data you wanttrack (contacts, tasks, projects, etc.). Access builds the database structure, and add comments and edit the data. Monitoring and management framework have already been built, so you can immediately start using the Web application.

Microsoft InfoPath – an application for the creation and management of dynamicforms and dissemination of information in an enterprise environment.

Microsoft OneNote is information ambayoInatumiwa store digital album isotrudnichestvo. When you open the OneNote, you will see as soon as the new design, which will help you focus on your thoughts and ideas, and not the interface. With the full integration ofwith the cloud, you can open a file on the hard disk, as well as access to information and other data from any device, tablet or web browser.

Microsoft Lync is the primary client software for sevaLynch ensure attendance, contact management, exchangeinstant messaging, conference, and phone.

Microsoft OneDrive your professional bibliyatekazahovvannya working documents and other files. When you save a file in OneDrive, only for you, but at the same time, you can easily have full access to your colleagues, and you look downon a mobile device. Your files are stored safely in the cloud Onlineau SharePoint on the SharePoint server for your business, based on the building.

Microsoft Project helps to control your projects with ease and collaborate with your team from anywhere. Organize yourtime and not lose kantrolvashyya projects and management approach that provides infinite integration, and integration with other Microsoft applications and cloud services project.

Microsoft Visio provides a set of new features that will help create a more visual animations, including newforms and documents, effects and theme, as well as the implementation of the development partnership, cooperation, and improves function. In addition, it is possible to make the chart more powerful, combining form with the data in real time and open access through a browser, vykarystovvayuchyVisio in SharePointservices, even if other users have not placed Visio.

Sway Microsoft is a new way to get feedback, which can be downloaded from the figures. Work, school and home, you can create the best interactive report or presentation to tell your story or anything else,and share their creations with others. Support to add content and keep the rest of Sway.