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Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay is an additional GeForce Experience application that takes notes when you play your favorite games, so you can create all the games with the material.

Nvidia GeForce Shadowplays has two main advantages: the optimal use of computer resources to record the last minutes of the game. You can download it for free, but your computer must meet certain requirements for the operation. In addition, you must use GeForce Experience for Shadowplay and use it.

The winner isshadow

How many times have you had a great moment in your game to realize that you did not include the selected recorder? The goal of Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay is to beat the competition using the Shadow feature.
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In other areas, Nvidia GeForce Shadowplayeffensstands behind the competition. For example, there are not many settings for the movie you want to record.

The optimal recording device

The second Nvidia GeForce Shadowplays trick is thanks to its technology, which has the same advantages as GeForce cards to optimize the use of computer resources. As a result, it does not matter how high are the graphics requirements fps games will fall dramatically at any time! Your games will work without problems with the highest possible quality. In this sense, Shadowplayis a better option than the legendary Fraps.

Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay only works with GeForce GTX 600 and 700 cards and only on computers. At the moment, every player who is worthy of his salt will respond to the requirements.

Unfortunately, the game Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay causes many problems and sometimes does not work. Although there is no beta for some time, it still causes a lot of mistakes, It does not start well, sometimes it is not written, even if you turned it on. This option is a pity, because Nvidia, onexample, for your own work, for compatibility with Twitch.

Despite the problems mentioned, the Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay game is worth the effort. First of all because it is free software. Just be patient and all your epic moments for descendants will be selected.