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The Office Window window in Microsoft Window is still a product for producing bread and butter in terms of revenue, though it is moving from a focus that focuses on Windows. This led to the release of Office for Android and iOS in front of Windows Phone and Mac for Windows, as in the case of Office2016.

All these small changes

Anxiety goes through the process of installing the process, you install the latest versions of Microsoft Access, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, PoverPoint, Project, Publisher, Visio and WORD.It is important to note that these programs are not available separately and should be downloaded as a package. If you would like the previous version of the program, you will not be able to run Office 2013 together by 2016, so it’s worth thinking about the working group.

One of the main differences you see is that Linz is now a business sketch.

At first glance, the words look and feel very similar to the 2013 version, although the touch is the interface more flexible with Word Blue outside the tape interface. Theicons are slightly different, but the main parameters remain the same.

Tell Me, which is more than just searchable search menu. For example, record the attention and suggestion parameter “Attach attention”, but instead of telling you how to comment, it will suit you automatically. This function is also located in Excel and PoverPoint.

The second important attachment is to edit the document in real time, which means you can chidim but to see other people who work on the documentworks on the screen. This feature is already available for an online Office.

Other new Ward features include the Store, where you can download applications for Microsoft WORD, as well as simpler storage options, such as the location of email addresses added to cloud accounts, such as OneDrive, to avoid confusion with local options .

Improvements behind the scenes

In Excel, there are a number of logical menus, but the interfaces are the same as the previous ones. Although you will notCan see the changes to the face, those who use Excel to work with a great deal of data will be pleased to know that Microsoft has improved business business functionality (BI).

The company has integrated many of its BI accessories, which are only available in previous Office versions. These additions include a Powder Inquiry, which allows Business users to easily display relevant data without accessing IT information (known as BI for self-service); and Vista View, which enablesUsers to easily create reports from the data they appear. There are also a variety of news and sample news, including Map Cen, Sunburst, Waterfall, Bok Wiscaker and Histogram Pareto.

One of the new additions is the OneDrive connection, which allows you to link the file directly from the cloud store.

Microsoft has made a number of changes that are not visible to the eyes, but it will help to save data from the wrong hands, and improve accessibility and improvements to IT managers who want to usepackage.

Always change

Generally, the changes in Office 2016 for Windows are small and, as well as the useful function Tell Me, it will not be visible to the casual user. In the case of Excel BI options, Microsoft is moving on to energy users.