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PC Screen Capture is a lightweight and highly-efficient package that helps users retrieve the contents of a screen in real-time situations. As with other packages like Snagit or Greenshot, the main advantage of this system is completely free to download and install. It is supported by most Windows operating systems.

Core functions and functions

PC With Screen Capture, the user can view the contents of an entire page orselect the sections you want to save as a separate image file. The unique drop-and-drag functionality is perfect when the information needs to be stored for a short period of time. All controls are located in a menu at the top of the page, so access to the main function is no problem. Different file types such as .JPG, .BMP and .
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GIF are all supported.

extra options

user You can also use PC Screen Capture right nowdirectly from the USB stick instead of the program on your hard drive downloaded. It is possible to pre-select the selected parts of a page, such as bookmarks and address bar, or a navigation menu. This system is perfect for solving problems with websites or sending specific pictures to friends.

PC Screen Capture supports the following formats