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PES 2012 is the latest version of the popular Windows and collateral football game. A game makes great improvements to the original version of PES 2011, improves games and graphics. PES 2012 has everything to prove. The series is now open by FIFA EA, and has many opportunities to win this year’s football match.

What has changed in PES 2012?

Changes in PES 2012 include play and play for teams, which allows players to have their positive use of information.MwaMabadiliko in PES 2012:

– Experienced new AI engine kweli.Wathirika engine and defense as an integration unit that allows gamosa gamers. New change switch allows players to choose a cursor amrimpenzi anywhere on the field – a call call system and real player fingers . – other changes including better animation, more player styles, extended lighting effects, better balloon system, and more.

How does the new system work individually?

It is always knownPES 2012 has many changes in the first place to put the gameplay – this is an artificial intelligence of the game. Groups and objectors are designed to implement more justice and winning victories. Five include key areas: operational operations, crosslink operations, fake jumps, zonal protection and zonal location.

The new PES 2012 launching launch opens new opportunities giving you more control over your team. Using the analog rightAnalog, you can chooseplayer and ball and run, and leave control over the ball player. Under this guidance, it does not breathe and it is difficult to find, but it is important to continue, as it lets you find the finds or remove the defenders from the dating point

Protective improvements in PES 2012 are also incredible and teams are now fighting, they are improving. Protection becomes more reasonable. It is not enough to keep the push button to quench the attacker and take the ball. With PES 2012 you should besure you put your player in the right place first and then your timing will be correct.

The combination of the best attacker’s interface and the respondent’s direct response seems to facilitate creating a place for PES 2012 or the old versions, which means playing sports than before.

What’s new at Pro Evo 2012?

As this is normal with the regular update of the PES Pro Evolution Socceryn charts 2012 has improved, and sometimes players are the same right. An animation isExciting and the game has many emotions that seem fiercely than FIFA.

This second example of PES 2012 does not represent the final version of Konami Soccer Simulator, but offers a new sense of new play issues. You can play in ten minutes of a game by choosing Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Rangers, Club Club, or International. You should identify yourself with Demo Studies Demo sections for instructions on new items. PES Management 2012.

There are screen installations and menu lists inPES 2012 seems much more than the original version, which would be nice, as the configuration of your team in Pro Evo could be a good work process.
We will need to download and see in the last issue if these live menus are stored.


Some people say Pro Evolution has lost FIFA for three to four documents. PES 2012 is definitely a fake set in FIFA, however, adding some Investigation into the Pro Evo arcade process.

Due to the fate of gameplay and improvements in the AI, PES 2012presents a great introduction to a long-term series. FIFA 12 x86 x64 Download