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About General Waterproofing Pressure Grouting

General Waterproofing Specialises in PU Grouting and PU injection Services

We specialise in PU injection to seal joints in concrete, screed or masonry as well as water-bearing cracks. We can also help with the repair of damaged false ceiling, including the opening and resealing up of broken or damaged false ceiling.

PU Grouting Concrete Crack Injection Technique:

Cracks in concrete happen overtime due to environmental issues such as thermal movement,drying shrinkage and other causes like nearby construction works or renovation works. If its not severe, it will be a minor problem and they will cause no instant issues or problems. But after some time, these minor and small cracks often become bigger problems and huge headaches, where water damage causes structural problems including reduced structural integrity due to water seepage.

We provide comprehensive PU injection / PU grouting services, using modern technology and the best equipment to use solutions for filling up the gaps ,voids and cracks in structures and bonding concrete and other materials permanently.

Protect your property and prevent further water damage. Call us now to stop and eliminate all water damage / water leakage issues. We will conduct a no obligation waterproofing inspection and give you the recommendation based on our professional advice. We use the best waterproofing material and waterproofing membranes that is essential in every waterproofing procedure.