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SpeedFan is a user monitoring program that believes that Windows task manager is too basic. It allows you to monitor the health of your hard drives, different component temperatures, and change the speed of the fans.

The most important SpeedFan interface can be terrifying, but after you’ve passed the flood data, it is greeted with a very powerful program that will help you get the most difficult computer problems. SpeedFan offers even more practical and informationBIOS your computer.

althoughSpeedFan can be scared first, it offers many warnings that warn less advanced users against the dangers that expire in the program. Although the program “Encourages many numbers, the developer also included certain UI elements such as graphs, graphs and meters to help you understand what’s happening

More advanced users can use SpeedFan in conjunction with a program such as Prime95stres test and monitor personal PC work. this tool is very useful for stabilityto prove from your computer.

SpeedFan is useful for the beginner and the expert. Novices can use the program to monitor the health of their computer and control the speed of their supporters (especially the laptop handbook), while more advanced users benefit from problem solving and monitor performance provided by SpeedFan.

Anyone who is serious about the performance and stability of the computer can benefit from SpeedFan.


-Group support for DELL-nVidia I2C supportWorkagain with the 275+ driver

No. The support of ATI Radeon restores the Fan Manager’s manual to the state that gained when SpeedFan started (no more unexpected video card adders set 100% at the end of the program)

support for Intel X79 SMBus (Patsburg)

– Use for SMBws HT1000

AddedSAT support for USB fence

-added USB ring support uses SunPlus, IoData, and Logitech chipsets

voltage readouts and configurations for multiple Intel studios

–Fin full help Fintek F71858AD

Targeting of Areca RAID support and better support for Areca SAS administrators

Hard hard hard USB light seller recommended

-Adhesive support for 12h AMD (LLano) temperature support for AMD Family temperature 14h (Bobcat)

-ATK0110 Try to find the best interface when multiple people are available in ACPI BIOS (be sure to support for your motherboard model) – Get support for Fujitsu-Siemens Hades