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Post-Katherine Graham of The Washington Post is the first female editor of a major newspaper in the country. She works with editor Ben Bradley to uncover the truth about the cover that spreads through four presidents, putting them in an unprecedented battle between the government and journalists.

Language English


Classification: NA

General Issue date: March 8, 2018

Genre: Biography / Drama / Historical

Duration: unavailable

Distributor: United International Photos

Cast: Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Alison Bree, Kerry Kun

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Schedule: 2D

Steven Spielbergdirects Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in the mail, an exciting drama for an unlikely partnership between Washington responded Catherine Graham (Streep), the first woman editor of one of America’s major newspapers and publishers Ben Bradley (Hanks) as racing The New York Times finds a massive coverto reveal four government secrets to four presidents. The two must overcome their differences if they risk their career – and their own freedom – to discover the long buried truths.

The cover that spreads over four presidents called the first publisherof newspapers in the country and a valuable editor to join an unseen struggle between the press and the government. As an American military analyst Daniel Ellsberg the depths of American fraud ablehntEnglisch: www.
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It 2017 Snoopy Later, the Washington Post owner, Kay Graham, is still ready to take over the business of her late husband as editor-in-chief Ben Bradley has determined that the New York Times with an explosive exhibition of these documents has been abducted. Decideto compete, reporters find Ellsberg and the full copy of these documents. However, Post’s plans to publish the results are endangered by banning the road at the national level for everyone to be overwhelmed. Now KayGraham has to decide whether to return to securityof her newspaper either to announce and to fight for freedom of the press. In addition, Graham and her associates are participating in a battle that is democraticThe US ideals should remain in balance.