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Small but brave donkey and her animal lover became an underrated hero of the first Christmas. A star from Sony Pictures Animation, a small but brave donkey named Bo, dreams of living outside of his daily work in a rural factory.
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One day he finds the courage to let go and eventually he goes on holiday with his dream. On his journey he works with Ruth, a beloved sheep who lost her flock and Dave, a high-powered dove. Together with the three seducersseducers and several centigrade, stable animals follow Bo and his new friends Star, and their heroes advocate the greatest hero in history – the first Christmas.

Stray tells the true story of how a stray dog, Pluto, appears out of nowhere and has an influence on the Davis family, who fights in many ways. In a short space of time, Pluto managed to save the baby’s admirer and provide the boy with comfort and friendship for nine years,helping to restore the marriage and restoring the father-son relationship. Platoon is not only a guard, but also an angel. Sometimes help comes from the least likely. Sometimes our prayers are received in a strange way. Sometimes the dog can change everything.

The secret, which includes four presidents, pushes the first publisher of a woman’s newspaper in the country and a very difficult publisher who takes part in a battle that has never occurred between journalistsand the government. Inspired by real events.

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