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Linux users often want to use new versions, transfer them to other computers and have convenient archives. This is the flexibility that makes Linux attractive as an alternative Windows operating system. Linux can even be installed on a USB flash drive in which it offersget a free universal USB player that makes the process easy as 1 2 3.

Simple installation of the Linux system

The basic idea behind the Universal USB Installer is exactly what sounds like a versatile, simple Linux USB installer. Now that it’s easy, it’s not a proof of stupidity. You need to knowLinux well enough. Fortunately, the interface has links that can help you. The installation is only a case of selecting Live Linux Distribution for an ISO file and USB device. This will give you a bootable USB memory. You have some additional features such as the ability to format the firstdisk or setting a permanent file size, where appropriate. Is this process fast enough when there are many modern USB devices? if are u? compatibility of devices.

Easy options for Linux system

The Universal USB installer is very useful if you want to back upcopying or experimenting with compilations on Linux. The compilation is very simple and the software is free.
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You really have everything you need for this task in one package if your devices are compatible.


It is updated to support Linux Mint 12 and Pardus Linux