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Even though your wireless network is password protected, there is a chance that other people can connect to it without knowing it. Now if you have a particular charity and you do not have the internet speed to enjoy others on the internet,Let’s go ahead. If you’re like me, and want to be self-centered, you pay for full speed, then Wireless Network Watcher is the tool you need.

I check the scan

UseWirelessThe Network Watcher is simple, just launch the program and scan your network to display all the connected devices. After a few minutes you can see all the unwanted visitors. A wireless network observer also provides information about offenders,Including IP addresses, MAC routers and user types.

However, this is not perfect. In our tests, the Wireless Network Watcher did not detect any devices in us (of course big) in the first scan that required multiple tests to get the full picture.

Easy to use

In addition,Wireless Watcher is just a window on your network. It does not provide a warning and there is no way to block or prohibit offenders. Instead it just shows that you have practice action, but when you remember.

In addition,Wireless Watcher is simple to use. Just press the button in the toolbar or press the F5 key. Scanning is almost instantaneous and combining, find it on a computer, an abandoned and added list.

A good Wi-Fi protection

Despite these problems,Wireless Watcher is a great way to protect Wi-Fi networks. If you suspect that someone is losing your connection, do not hesitate to download it.


Add “Device Selection” (Ctrl + F9) that allows you to change the settings of the balloon./ Tray for each device