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Based on the best-selling New York Times, the amazing August Pullman from WONDER, the differences in the fifth grade, tells of the inspiration and touching history of the primary primary school of the boy. Based on the best-selling New York Times, they say that Pullman’s August story is very suggestiveon reflection and provoking surprise.
facial differences so far prevented him from going to school, one of the commercials was born, Auggie rarely Heros when going to the local fifth grade. Families, new classmates and larger communities will try to get to know their sympathy andagree and combine the extraordinary trips of Auggie and prove that you can not get confused when you hide.

With Wonderborn facial distortion, Auggie Pullman first enters the mainstream. Despite the fact that classmates and large communities will first accept it, they will quickly openfor everyone, to show all your usual child.

English language

Subtitles: Na

Classification: NA

General information Publication date: 07 2017 Abe

Genre: Drama

Duration: Unavailable

Distributor: TGV Pictures

Cast: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay

Directed by: Stephen Chbosky


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